DATE: L̵O̵G̶ D̴A̵T̵E̸ E̶R̶R̷O̶R̴

We received a strange signal as we passed by the MW sector. A planet with the code tag “EARTH” has launched its first Starfleet with the help of beings known as the ecoWarriors. Checking the files we have on EARTH revealed the planet was seen as critically endangered, with predictions stating the planet was facing the possibility of its six mass extinction event. New sources, however, suggest that the species known as “HUMANS” joined forces with an intergalactic race known as the “ECOWARRIORS BEES” to save their EARTH counterparts and battle environmental damage. We sent a ship to monitor their progress and aid in their journey.

DATE: L̵O̵G̶ D̴A̵T̵E̸ E̶R̶R̷O̶R̴

The team of HUMANS and ECOWARRIORS from EARTH are progressing with unimaginable speed. Our pilot remarked they had “never quite seen such a bond of teamwork form between two outer-planetary species so quickly before”, all with the goal of protecting one planet. The ECOWARRIORS share a sort of kinship between themselves and their sister species, “EARTH BEES”. With rising fluctuations in climate, the EARTH BEES faced the threat of dwindling numbers and eventual extinction. However, thanks in part to the efforts of the ECOWARRIORS and the HUMANS, their species is making a recovery.

DATE: L̵O̵G̶ D̴A̵T̵E̸ E̶R̶R̷O̶R̴

A member of my crew was able to catch an interview with one of the ECOWARRIORS from the MW sector. The following conversation is transcribed into traditional EARTH English.

STARFLEET CREW (SC): Testing. Testing. Comms stable. Name?

ECOWARRIOR: My Earth name translates to “Sentry”.

SC: Fantastic, we’re connected. Now, we have a limited data plan on cross-sector communications, so we’ll keep this short. What is your home planet like?

SENTRY: I come from a lush planet, “Plecor”, filled with flowers. Our home is divided into eight hives, each run by the local queen. My hive is known as “Ickemi”: the Ice Hive. Our planetary duty is to protect the flora of our planet during what equates to our ‘Winter season’ when golden frost coats every surface.

SC: When did you arrive on Earth and what did you think of it when you landed?

SENTRY: I was… intrigued by Earth. My fellow ecoWarriors had already established a connection with humanity and initiated first contact before my unit was sent over, but I arrived on Earth before the first Eco Starfleet was constructed. The humans surprised me with their willingness to cooperate. I had expected some hesitation on their part but found that our help was eagerly matched by human ideas. We may have helped protect humans by giving the tools to aid their planet, but it was the efforts of a unified humanity that saved this fascinating planet full of life, energy, and innovation.

SC: And how are you helping Earth?

SENTRY: We simply provided a system in which humans could easily provide aid to environmental projects in a decentralized way in which they could still profit. By aligning economic incentives with the humans natural desire to do good in the world we were able to help them fund countless projects that were not previously economically viable. We were able to create this system through the generation of carbon credits and allowed anyone to easily offset their emissions, even inside the metaverses which was wildly popular. Those individuals and businesses that chose to offset their emissions helped to pay back anyone that had funded these projects which then allowed them to reinvest into more environmental projects. This positive feedback loop seems to be having an exponentially growing impact on their environment.

SC: Sounds like Earth is abuzz with this new technology!

SENTRY: Original. But yes, our goals are to continue to help this positive feedback loop grow but also to allow the completion of major environmental projects that previously seemed unsolvable to society. For example, a lake called Okeechobee in the United States has had major issues of algae runoff into the ocean that has a major impact on inhabitants and wildlife. Previous government interventions were not possible due to centralization and therefore a lack of specificity to the complex nature of the problem. We have simply provided a solution in which a decentralized approach of many small projects funded by individuals can solve this by coordination in one system. That way the many different problems can all be addressed with different solutions. This requires the cooperation of many different groups and is no easy task but with the right system and commitment it is certainly now possible.

SC: Fantastic! On behalf of Equinox Starfleet, we wish you good luck on your mission.


SC: Ah, the signal is starting to cut out. Thank you so much for your time.

SENTRY: On behalf of Earth and the Ecowarriors, we thank you as well. I look forward to a continued partnership for centuries to come.

SC: Centries. Sentry- oh, I get-


DATE: L̵O̵G̶ D̴A̵T̵E̸ E̶R̶R̷O̶R̴

We will be closely monitoring the journey of the Eco Starfleet and are proud to announce ourselves as allies to the cause. They have joined EQUINOX Starfleet, and we pledge our support to the Federation as well. If we will be successful or not awaits to be seen.

We await the reply of the Admiral.